Hello, my name is Clark

And I am a...   User Researcher Full-Stack Developer Adult Fan of Lego UX Designer


Who Am I?

Hello, thank you for looking at my online portfolio! I am a UX professional that specializes in user research and full-stack development. I have tailored both my educational and professional experiences for a comprehensive understanding of my industry. During undergrad, I studied game development, computer science, and graphic design. During graduate school, I studied product development, HCI, and user research methodology.

Professionally, I work as a full stack engineer, product development consultant, and UX designer for a small insurance company, HealthCap. This balancing of hats has been immensely helpful for understanding the entirety of the software development cycle, from idea inception to project release. Working for a smaller company has also allowed me freedom and autonomy to experiment with different user research techniques depending on the budget and time constraints. In addition to this, I work directly with department heads to understand their business needs, share ideas, and present solutions.

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